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★★★ Holysainthigh Jayanagar | Class of 2023-2024 | Congratulations 100% RESULTS ICSE ★★★

★★★ Incredible news! Holy Saint School celebrates a stunning 98% students pass rate! ★★★


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1. What is the age criterion for admission?
A. Each grade has a specific age criterion. Please refer to our detailed guidelines on the website.

2. Do you offer a sibling discount?
A. Yes, siblings receive a fee concession. Details are available at the admissions office.

3. What’s the teacher-student ratio?
A. We maintain an optimal ratio to ensure personalized attention.

4. Are there hidden costs apart from tuition?
A. All costs, including uniforms, books, and excursions, are communicated upfront.

5. The student body is how diverse?
A. We welcome students from different racial and ethnic..

6. Is there a waiting list?
A. Depending on the grade, there might be a waiting list, especially for popular admission years.

7. Do you accommodate students with special needs?
A. Yes, we have an inclusive approach and provide necessary support for students with specific needs.

8. What languages are offered?
A. Apart from English, we offer multiple regional and international languages.

9. How do you handle bullying?
A. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, with counselors and educators trained to address such issues.

10. Are parents involved in school activities?
A.  Absolutely! We believe in collaborative growth and regularly invite parents for events, workshops, and discussions.

11. How tech-savvy is the school?
A.  We have special rooms with great audio and visual setups, including advanced features handled by experienced professionals.

12. What safety measures are in place?
A. Student safety is paramount. We have 24/7 security, CCTV surveillance, fire safety and regular safety drills.